Big Craftsy Mother’s Day Sale!



Starting May 11th through May 12th, a select number of Craftsy classes are up to 50% off. Click on the link above to get the deal.

Craftsy offers:

  • A wide selection of online crafting classes from the best instructors from around the world.
  • Watch your classes from anywhere, from any device with an internet connection.
  • Take them anytime you want, as many times as you want. Your access never expires.

Find your perfect class:

You can also try one of Craftsy’s free mini classes!

I bought the Curvy Crochet: Plus Size Techniques class by Marlybird. I haven’t finished it yet but so far, Marly is fun to watch.

P.S. – Craftsy classes make the perfect last minute Mother’s Day gift!

Click on the banner below to get your 50% off select classes




Get Thee Over To Craftsy!

I just joined Craftsy about 3 months ago and its already one of my favorite new websites!  Here’s an excerpt: from the home page:

Welcome to Craftsy!

We’re a community of people who love to make things – learning from, inspiring and helping one another.

A list of what this website offers:

  • Online video courses, ranging from 0$ to 39$, in Cake Decorating, Food Craft, Gardening, Crocheting, Knitting, Holiday, Jewelry, Paper Crafts, Quillting, Sewing, Spinning, and Weaving.
  • “Craftsy Workshops are tutorials from amazing designers that include the pattern, instructions, and step-by-step photos. And, the BEST part: you’ll never get stuck…just ask the pattern designer for help!”, $11.99 to $15.99.
  • Patterns, free and for sale.  This is my favorite part of the website.  The listings are very clear, the pics are big, and your purchased pattern is downloaded from their servers. If you want to list your patterns, this place is way better than Etsy and Ravelry because there are no fees, listing is fast and easy, and THERE ARE NO FEES! Craftsy is where I sell the most patterns.
  • Project listings, just like on Ravelry.
  • A Blog
  • A Page called, “Deals”, with listings for yarn, fabric and assorted supplies. I haven’t explored this yet.

The entire website is clean and easy to read and navigate. Lots of stuff but not too busy!  Check it out! Comment below if you find anything cool  over there I need to know about.

Technique Tuesday: Crochet in Back Bar/Hump of Chain

This technique is another way of crocheting your first row after the beginning chain row. I use this technique in my free Charmed Wrap Bracelet  pattern. You can use it with any crochet stitch and it produces a nice “v” or braided edge at the bottom of your chain which looks good without adding edging. Or, if you are adding an edge or joining, it will be easier because it produces “two loops” just like the top two loops of a single or double crochet stitch.

The following video demontrates the technique using single crochet:

This next video shows all the parts of the chain and three ways you can crochet into a chain with pros and cons of each way:


So, there you have it! You have a little more flexability by choosing the best technique for how to crochet that first row.  If you are following a pattern that doesn’t specify a way, choose one that fits the needs of the finished item.  Even if the pattern specifies which technique to use, so what? Use the one that you think would work better for you and the finished item.



More Bracelet Inspiration

Last week, I took my 13-year old son to our local Tilly’s to get his monthly pair of skateboarding shoes because last month’s pair left pieces of its sole all over our neighborhood street. As I was paying at the register I saw these:

 And the angels sang…

And the angels sang…

Pura Vida Bracelets! And they were less than $10 each! Did I buy one? Nope, I said, “I can make that”! But I think I am going to buy one because they are so cute and bohoey (I just made that word up: definition: bohemian), and hippy. I don’t know why I like my bracelets bohoey (I said it again!) and hippy.

I love the intention and story behind the Pure Vida Company, which you should read here. But I just can’t resist the challenge of figuring out a pattern for these bracelets. So, stay tuned…