Crochet Pattern Testers Needed!

X-Stitch Shirttail Top

UPDATE 8/5/2012:  I already have the testers I need for this pattern.  Stayed tuned for future announcements!

I really need a few experienced/inexperienced crocheters, who are decent at math, to test my X-Stitch Shirttail Top Pattern and some of my future patterns.  As a form of payment, I would like to give my pattern testers 2 of my patterns for free – currently for sale and any future patterns – testers’ choice.

I need crocheters who can:

  1. Check my math
  2. Check my written patterns for typos, grammar and consistency
  3. Crochet a different size than my prototype and model
  4. Give general constructive criticism

I am not looking for perfection! I think beginners make excellent pattern testers because we crochet veterans sometimes forget what its like to be a newby.  I figure 2 or 3 testers per pattern would give me a variety of help. I am going to put together a non-disclosure agreement that will need to be signed.


If you are interested, please do the following:

  1. Follow my blog and read it regularly.
  2. When I post a “Pattern Tester Wanted” post, comment on it and let me know or email me at deedum36 at gmail dot com and I will get back to you.
  3. You will have to inform me of your desire to test a pattern each time I put out a request.

So, I need pattern testers for my X-Stitch Shirttail Top.  Go here for some pattern details.


Get Thee Over To Craftsy!

I just joined Craftsy about 3 months ago and its already one of my favorite new websites!  Here’s an excerpt: from the home page:

Welcome to Craftsy!

We’re a community of people who love to make things – learning from, inspiring and helping one another.

A list of what this website offers:

  • Online video courses, ranging from 0$ to 39$, in Cake Decorating, Food Craft, Gardening, Crocheting, Knitting, Holiday, Jewelry, Paper Crafts, Quillting, Sewing, Spinning, and Weaving.
  • “Craftsy Workshops are tutorials from amazing designers that include the pattern, instructions, and step-by-step photos. And, the BEST part: you’ll never get stuck…just ask the pattern designer for help!”, $11.99 to $15.99.
  • Patterns, free and for sale.  This is my favorite part of the website.  The listings are very clear, the pics are big, and your purchased pattern is downloaded from their servers. If you want to list your patterns, this place is way better than Etsy and Ravelry because there are no fees, listing is fast and easy, and THERE ARE NO FEES! Craftsy is where I sell the most patterns.
  • Project listings, just like on Ravelry.
  • A Blog
  • A Page called, “Deals”, with listings for yarn, fabric and assorted supplies. I haven’t explored this yet.

The entire website is clean and easy to read and navigate. Lots of stuff but not too busy!  Check it out! Comment below if you find anything cool  over there I need to know about.

Recommended: Hookey and Crochet Liberation Front

There are two new excellent resources for crocheters on the web: Hookey and Crochet Liberation Front.

Both sites are run by an incredible lady, Laurie A. Wheeler, who seems to be everywhere at once, promoting and encouraging fellow crocheters by tweeting, retweeting, and commenting on blog posts. Hookey is a part of the Crochet Liberation Front experience.  Here is a the opening paragraph on the About CLF  page:

What is the CLF?
Lead by Laurie A. Wheeler ( aka Fearless Leader) the Crochet Liberation Front (CLF) is a  group of many thousands, who love crochet for what it is, what it can be, and the media into which it will evolve. Crochet techniques are always in development, and evolving as our world evolves. We love crochet and we are proud to let others know about what we do.

With a mission to “To promote crochet and support the hands and hearts that wield the hooks, by building community, being the resource for all information crochet, and by hosting events and classes.”  There is also a membership service with different levels of membership (starting with the free membership) with the goal of developing ” real and valuable professional skills for designers, tech editors, pattern testers for independent crafters and artisans”., “A place where crochet lovers to play”, is a community within CLF where crocheters can blog, share on the Facebook-like news feed, upload photos and shop for yarn, books, and supplies.

Laurie is a tremendous supporter and promoter of all things crochet “with a passion for helping the little guy become strong”.  Here’s Laurie introducing herself

Recommended: The Ultimate Blog Challenge

This website is full of blogging ideas and is geared toward women with home-based businesses.  This is why I have had one post everyday since July 1. Blogging is a new adventure for me and I have found this site extremely helpful.