What Is On My Hooks

I could not find a stock photo that depicts how I feel today but I am doing much better! I did The Work for a while and burned through some crazy thoughts that I mistakenly believed to be truth.  Then I bitched and moaned to my husband and he helped me discover another silly story that I was telling myself that had absolutely nothing to do with reality and that silly story let go of me.  As you can see, by the fact there is less grunting and incomplete sentences in this post, I am much less stressed today.

So, here is what I have on my crafting plate:

I am still in the pattern-testing stage for the X-Stitch Shirttail Top.  My testers have been wonderful, finding typos, confusing instructions, and math errors. Someday, I will be a rich and famous crochet designer and be able to pay my testers cash but for now it’s just a couple of free patterns.

X-Stitch Shirtail Top

The recent stressful crap in my life has curtailed my crochet design creativity so I decided to make something for me! I am currently knitting Patons Grace Drop Stitch Top. You have to sign up for free on the Patons website to view their free patterns.  I already had to rip out about 50 rows and start over again because I dropped a stitch on a row before a drop-stitch row and therefore, couldn’t just pick up the dropped stitch.  This is why I don’t knit much.

I am also almost finished crocheting the shrug for my next shrug pattern. I just need one more skein of Lion Brand Wool-Ease to complete it but I haven’t been able to find the time to drive the 20 miles to the nearest Joann’s to buy it! This should be a super easy pattern so I won’t need any pattern testing.


Crochet Blog Fail – What I Am Doing About It

This is NOT ME at this time

Right now I am the exact opposite of the happy, carefree shopper above. She is wearing a cute, knitted shrug though!

I never made through the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  I am so stressed right now I can’t even described what I am stressed about. Let’s just say its about me, husband, Mom and Dad.

I am having problems writing this post! So, look at the stock photo above and imagine the opposite and that’s what this post is all about.

Going to do some of The Work right now…

Recommended: Hookey and Crochet Liberation Front

There are two new excellent resources for crocheters on the web: Hookey and Crochet Liberation Front.

Both sites are run by an incredible lady, Laurie A. Wheeler, who seems to be everywhere at once, promoting and encouraging fellow crocheters by tweeting, retweeting, and commenting on blog posts. Hookey is a part of the Crochet Liberation Front experience.  Here is a the opening paragraph on the About CLF  page:

What is the CLF?
Lead by Laurie A. Wheeler ( aka Fearless Leader) the Crochet Liberation Front (CLF) is a  group of many thousands, who love crochet for what it is, what it can be, and the media into which it will evolve. Crochet techniques are always in development, and evolving as our world evolves. We love crochet and we are proud to let others know about what we do.

With a mission to “To promote crochet and support the hands and hearts that wield the hooks, by building community, being the resource for all information crochet, and by hosting events and classes.”  There is also a membership service with different levels of membership (starting with the free membership) with the goal of developing ” real and valuable professional skills for designers, tech editors, pattern testers for independent crafters and artisans”., “A place where crochet lovers to play”, is a community within CLF where crocheters can blog, share on the Facebook-like news feed, upload photos and shop for yarn, books, and supplies.

Laurie is a tremendous supporter and promoter of all things crochet “with a passion for helping the little guy become strong”.  Here’s Laurie introducing herself

Recommended: The Ultimate Blog Challenge

This website is full of blogging ideas and is geared toward women with home-based businesses.  This is why I have had one post everyday since July 1. Blogging is a new adventure for me and I have found this site extremely helpful.