Technique Tuesday – Crochet Foundation Stitch

What’s that you say? It’s Wednesday, not Tuesday! I know – deal with it…

I absolutely love Foundation Stitches. A Foundation Stitch or Chainless Foundation, is making a foundation or base chain and sc or dc (tc, dtc, etc) at the same time. It makes for a stable yet flexible foundation for a crochet garment or accessory and it saves a bunch of time. I have used this technique in my Angel Sleeve Cover-Up Pattern and will be incorporating it into my next, as-yet-unnamed, shrug pattern.  Doris Chan uses it in all of her patterns.

Here’s a video of Foundation Single Crochet or Single Crochet Base Chain:

Foundation Double Crochet or Double Crochet Base Chain:


Treble Foundation Crochet:

Half Double Foundation:

So, what do you think? It really makes starting a crochet project faster and easier once you get the hang of it.


2 thoughts on “Technique Tuesday – Crochet Foundation Stitch

  1. Lots of patterns don’t start off with a row of simply sc or only dc. Can you use the chainless foundation and incorporate a simple pattern? For instance, can I “single crochet in first chain, chain one, skip next chain, single crochet in next chain” in a foundation row. I have searched the internet and can’ t find an answer.

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