Coming Soon! X-Stitch Shirttail Top

This is my newest pattern-in-progress. It is shorter in front, longer in the back with my favorite x-stitch pattern up and down the middle.  There is very little shaping – just at the back on the side panels. It is crocheted with a fine/sport weight yarn and the pattern will be for sizes extra small to extra large.  I was going to have the pattern go up to 3x but that was just too much math for my puny brain!

I wore it all day yesterday and it slowly grew longer on me as the day wore on. I am not sure if it was the yarn I used (it was a bamboo, soy blend yarn that I purchased from an Ebay seller in China, the label was in Chinese so I could not verify it was what they claimed it was), or if it is because I tend to crochet loosely.  Crochet does tend to stretch if it is hanging and this top has 6-8 inches of ease so it hangs.  I once knitted a tank top out of 100% bamboo yarn that grew while I was wearing it.  After repeated washings, it shrunk a little and seemed to get sturdier so it stopped growing.

I am not sure what skill level this pattern is. It is deceptively easy (writing the pattern is NOT easy!), but I have been crocheting for so long that I am out of touch with what it was like to be a beginner!


5 thoughts on “Coming Soon! X-Stitch Shirttail Top

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  2. I Love Love Love to crochet.. and would be totally honored to be a tester for your patterns. I don’t have a blog, but I’m thinking that maybe I ought to do that!! I am on Ravelry .. my user name is memmasunraveled. And my Facebook info is Colette Morgan MacLees. Would love to have new crochet friends at either site so I will gladly “friend” you! My email is
    Thanks for letting me follow your blog!

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