More Bracelet Inspiration

Last week, I took my 13-year old son to our local Tilly’s to get his monthly pair of skateboarding shoes because last month’s pair left pieces of its sole all over our neighborhood street. As I was paying at the register I saw these:

 And the angels sang…

And the angels sang…

Pura Vida Bracelets! And they were less than $10 each! Did I buy one? Nope, I said, “I can make that”! But I think I am going to buy one because they are so cute and bohoey (I just made that word up: definition: bohemian), and hippy. I don’t know why I like my bracelets bohoey (I said it again!) and hippy.

I love the intention and story behind the Pure Vida Company, which you should read here. But I just can’t resist the challenge of figuring out a pattern for these bracelets. So, stay tuned…


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