Crochet Fashion Pattern Inspiration

For years I wanted to design crochet fashion but fear kept me from doing it.  First of all, I have no knowledge of fashion design. Second of all, I always thought of myself as not being original or creative. And then, something changed inside me – whether it was menopause, age and experience, or that extra cup of coffee everyday – I suddenly felt more assertive, more willing to take chances, more willing to fail! Around the same time, I had a minor epiphany: how many people in this world are truely original? All artists derive inspiration from somewhere, and I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. That worry I had about not being original was keeping me from realizing my potential originality! Finally free to be the derivitive artiste I was meant to be, I started looking at fashion not as, “Why didn’t I think of that”, but as, “I can copy/crochet that”!

Now, every knitting pattern I come across is a potential crochet pattern. All my favorite shirts, sweaters, blouses in my closet are potential crochet patterns. That cute, oversized sweater at Kohl’s Department Store? A crochet pattern. Here are some things that are inspiring me right now. Some are closer to becoming a crochet pattern than others:

Knitting Patterns


From Pinterest “The Yarn Yogi Inspiration” Board



One thought on “Crochet Fashion Pattern Inspiration

  1. I love your inspirations and thinks that’s a great idea! Crochet looks great and you can also make dresses and shorts with some fabric underneath.

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