I’m Deanna Young, and the purpose of this website is to feature my free patterns and patterns for sale.

You can also find me at The Yarn Yogi Etsy Store and Deanna Young Designs on Ravelry and Craftsy .

I call myself a crochet fashion designer.  I think I can call myself that because that is what I do with the majority of my time.  If I am not crocheting, sketching, swatching and surfing the web for inspiration, I am thinking about crochet design. While most people are up all night worrying about their finances (I admit I do that sometimes), I am losing sleep over what stitch pattern I am going to use for my next shrug design.

Other things I have to do/be: Wife, Mother, Office Manager for www.leftcoastscales.com, part-time Yoga Instructor, Household CEO, CFO, COO and Janitor.

I am also a nerd! I am a lifelong Trekkie or Trekkor (whatever) but I hate Star Trek Conventions. I am a Frank Herbert Dune Fanatic and I will go up against anyone on Dune references.



11 thoughts on “Home

  1. I am very familiar with the late night yarn sessions! Seeing your designs & projects, makes me want to work on my crochet skills…. I’ll have to add a crochet project to my list of future yarn projects!!

  2. Would like to get your pattern for the Somerset shrug. I am new to pininterest as Wells’s computer knowledge. So if u could please send me how I can get the instructions. Thank you

  3. Hi, I would like to order one of your patterns on craftsy pattern store, unfortunately couldnt find the shipping fees to Slovakia/Europe, could you please help me? Or shipping is free? Thank you much. Andrea

  4. Hi. I am making your Hot Blue Shrug. I do not understand where to start run 1 of the sleeve. Do you use the whip stitch yarn that you are seaming with and start at the “armpit area”? This bis the first pattern I have ever read, I’m so proud, as you should be. Thank you. Rachel

    • Rachel, it looks like when I updated the pattern I accidentally cut off some of the instructions! You are supposed to attach yarn around any dc or sc (I think you will be working in the ends of the rows for the sleeve, if I remember correctly) then begin the round. Sorry about that!

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